Clueless Response

Here's my favorite clueless response to the FOCUS Magazine Bill Gates interview, Microsoft Code Has No Bugs. [spelling and grammar intact]

  I really got a good chuckle out of that phony piece of junk 
you call an interview with Bill Gates.  A little farfetched, 
but I envy anyone who has the imagination to think up some of 
that silly dialog.

  It's like one of those fake interviews in a tabloid magazine, 
where people who are supposedly doctors voice their opinions on 
the half-human half-aligator baby that was just born in the 

  For crying out loud, you could have at least made it a little 
less laughable.  I'm sure Mr. Gates is just waiting for 
opportunities to jeopardize himself and his multi-billion dollar 
company by speaking like a 10-year old.

  "Maybe you're not using it right!  Did you ever think of that?"  
This got the biggest laugh among the people I showed it to.  Such 
totally juvenile comments that would never be spoken by anyone 
out of their teens.

  You forgot one huge hole in this dumb little scheme.  If he 
really had made all of these comments, don't you think the Media 
would have latched on to it?  Absolutely.  There is no way that 
such a story would be missed.  World's richest man insults 
consumers, but for some reason, no one knows about it. 

  Do you know why we're not hearing about it on the news?  
Because it's all coming from your sick little brain, in a 
futile attempt to incriminate someone you're probably insanely 
jealous of.

  Get a life.

What I find most quaint about this letter is that this poor yahoo imagines that Microsoft, which spent half a billion dollars each year convincing people that its bugs are really all their own fault, needed his unpaid help.

Almost as quaint is that this poor yahoo is absolutely correct. Why does our society idolize someone who speaks like a ten-year-old and insults his customers? Why isn't this front-page news?


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