Damned Facts

Plastic cutting boards provide a nearly ideal environment for bacteria. By contrast, bacteria find it very difficult to survive on a wooden cutting board. Health board rules forcing restaurants to switch to plastic are based purely on superstition ("plastic=sanitary"), and threaten your health.

The "myelin sheaths" of nerve fibers actually carry the information that controls healing, as DC currents in the range of a half nano-ampere, operating independently of the nerve cells. The current is carried via semiconducting cell membranes.

Ginger has been clinically demonstrated to work twice as well as dramamine for fighting motion sickness, with no side effects.

Zinc Gluconate is the only thing demonstrated to help you get over colds faster -- and head them off, if you can catch them soon enough. Although it doesn't prevent colds, Vitamin C works as an antihistamine, without side effects if it's buffered.

Each cell in your body contains symbiotic bacteria called mitochondria, which have their own DNA and reproduce by themselves. All your mitochondria came from your mother. Mitochondria in men have no way to propagate, so your mother's mitochondria's genes benefit if she has more female offspring. Your mitochondria have genes for several proteins that would interfere with development of male babies; but they are blocked by others in the nucleus. There's a war on.

Peoples infected with endemic parasitic worms don't have allergies. (How is this fact useful to you?)

You can become immune to scorpion venom. Catch a centipede, and discard its head. Mash the rest, and then scratch your arm and wipe a bit of the juice on the scratch.

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