LEAP: GNU/Linux-Equipped Astronauts Project: Official Documents

NEW! Now in PDF and HTML (Thanks to Frank Langbein and Craig Sawyer):
  • Shuttle/Payload Interface Definition Document for the PGSC (PDF) (MSW)
    Thinkpad Interrupt Request (IRQ) settings (PDF) (MSW)
    International Space Station Research Plan (PDF)
    PGSC Packet ID Summary (PDF) (MSW)
    Portable Onboard Computer Software Management Plan (PDF) (MSW)
    OPS LAN/Fileserver/SSX Concept (PDF) (MSW)
    Software Manifest, STS-86 (MSXLS)
    Software Manifest, STS-87 (MSXLS)
    Software Manifest, STS-89 (MSXLS)
    Software Manifest, STS-90 (MSXLS)

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