LEAP: GNU/Linux-Equipped Astronauts Project: What's New

1998 Mar 7:
Add Barend Garvelink's LEAP Banner.
1998 Feb 27:
Add What's What page, move information from former To Do page.
1998 Feb 26:
Official documents translated to HTML and PDF; reorganize Who's Who.
1998 Feb 25:
Success! Located complete contact information, hardware details.
1998 Feb 23:
Announce to sci.space.tech.
1998 Feb 19:
Enter initial names in the "Who's Who" list. (If you're not there yet, send me mail.)
1998 Feb 16:
Create mailing list, change name from PEAL to LEAP :-).
1998 Feb 15:
Establish web page, announce to c.o.l.a.

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