LEAP: GNU/Linux-Equipped Astronauts Project: Who's Who

This is the list of who's doing what, as far as I know. It's far from complete; this is just the names of people who have introduced themselves, more or less.

In The Future this list will be better-organized, and will indicate credit where credit is due. I was beginning to put names of more active members closer to the top, but now it's in alphabetical order. Do you have an opinion on how best to recognize contributions, here?

Larry Augustin
PhD/EE; President of VA Software
Chris Black
Software developer
Paul Black
Software developer, PhD at NIST.
Ron Broberg
Software developer, Lockheed Martin SPADOC software support
Douglas Carmichael
Matt Chapman
Software developer
Gerry Creager
Has worked at Johnson Space Center.
Bill Currie
Jakob Dalsgaard
Software developer (and has a Thinkpad identical to mission hardware!).
Vladimir Dergachev
PhD student, Software developer.
Mark Gallagher
Suggested a logo idea: a penguin in a spacesuit.
Barend Garvelink
Created the LEAP Banner.
Damon Getsman
Software developer
Georg Glas
Suggested a contact at NASA for us.
Alexey Goldin
"interested in using laptops for lab work"; recommended connecting with the Linux Lab Project
Ehrhardt le Grange
Software developer.
Matt Grund
Software Engineer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. (DSP, real-time data acquisition)
Benedikt Heinen
Software developer
Gerald Kropitz
Brian C. Lane
Electronics, Embedded Software and GNU/Linux
Frank Langbein
Creator of the NTeX package; offered many useful suggestions about contacting the right people (e.g. the Planetary Society). Translated the official documents to PDF.
Matt Liggett
Experienced C and Perl developer.
Mark Mann
Image/Signal Processing Developer.
Will Marchant
Member of Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX) team, in contact with astronauts.
Raphael Marvie
Does distributed object database work on the Arena project.
Scott Miller
GIMPed up some logos for LEAP. Programs in Java.
Dave Minter
Software developer, C++ etc. Created some logos (which see!).
David Mullins
Designer of the Trans-Atlantic Balloon Gondola; former IT manager of a major disk drive manufacturer.
Nathan Myers
Fearless Leader pro tem, Web page maintainer, Standard C++ expert
Tim Nelson
Matthew Panetta
Charles Esteban Paul
Digital imaging expert, X server expert.
Steven S. Pietrobon
Engineer; Suggested doc conversion tool, http://wheel.compose.cs.cmu.edu:8001/cgi-bin/browse/objweb
Aaron T Porter
Keeper of the mailing list server.
Greg Propf
Software developer; suggested a logo idea: penguin on a flying saucer.
Jose Renau Ardevol
Software developer, GNU/Linux kernel hacker (SMP, parport), System administrator (GNU/Linux/Sun/NT/HP)
Chip Richards
Software developer skilled in system software, process control, graphics
Douglas Ridgway
Pointed out that GNU/Linux has been used on a Thinkpad in orbit, as was mentioned in an issue of Linux Journal. (Which one?)
Candido (Kan) Rodriguez
Software Developer (asm/C/C++)
Alejandro Rojo Alvarez
Software developer, experienced with X and serial programming.
Bill Rugolsky
Craig Sawyer
Offered mailing list setup; converted docs to HTML.
Sonja G. Schirmer
PhD/Math; Working with Frank L. on an introductory letter.
Mike Sharkey
Software developer (C++/X11/collaborative software)
Rafael Skodlar
Syadmin, GNU/Linux user, member of National Space Society
Shachar Tal
Suggested our project name, LEAP; offered to host mailing list.
John Trammell
Physics grad student, software developer.
Matt Wagner
Robert Wallace
NASA Technology-Transfer specialist.
Riley Williams
Software developer
Chris Wright
Python/Tk developer
James Youngman
Embedded systems engineer, offered to help with porting.

I have not put in e-mail addresses, to keep down the spam level down to a dull roar. If you want anything changed, please write to me. If your name's not here, please tell me what to put here. If you're not on the mailing list yet, please add yourself.

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