Nathan Myers

I grew up in Hawaii, on the Big Island.
Tropical paradise. Rain forests. Rain. I left.
Tropical paradise is wasted on the young.

I run Debian GNU/Linux "unstable" on all my boxes. I've installed it on lots of machines, particularly laptops. More...

I have a GPG Key.
I log on Advogato, occasionally.

You're damned hard to keep track of. Where are you living now?

In Placerville, CA. I'm working in Emeryville, CA (near Berkeley), at Aspera, Inc., which is hiring. (Aspera Software sells secure, reliable, fast file transfer software, uniquely tolerant of high-latency, high-loss network conditions.) Because is my own domain, my email address, at least, should be stable.

My daughter, Lily Marie, was born Twosday, 2000-02-22. Her 22nd birthday will also be a Twosday. Her cousin Chloe was born the same day, so we hope they can celebrate it together. My son, Nicolas Jasper, was born on 2002-01-29, just four days early; otherwise he'd have 2002-02-02. Sigh.


Some Refrigerator Poetry.

This is about the pneumatized vertebrae of sauropods and birds that allow their long necks to be light enough for them to hold up:

My neck is pathetic, I know't
Despite ev'ry effort to grow't
With neckbones pneumatic
I could swan operatic
With an 'S' for the shape of my throat.

My wife, Katherine Hillmer, is an artist and textile designer. Her company is KATFISH DESIGNS. (Yes, all caps.) E-mail her: katfish at

She says this is by no means her favorite song:

Come on and dress me! Dress me! Dress me in my finest array,
'Cause just in case you haven't heard today is do-mi-do day;
Dress me in my silver garters, dress me in my diamond studs,
'Cause I'm going do-mi-do-ing in my do-mi-do duds!

I want my undulating undies with the marabou frills;
I want my beautiful bolero with the porcupine quills;
I want my purple nylon girdle with the orange blossom buds;
'Cause I'm going do-mi-do-ing in my do-mi-do duds!

Come on and dress me! Dress me! Dress me in my peekaboo blouse,
With the lovely interlining made of Chesapeake mouse;
I want my polka-dotted dickie with the crinoline fringe;
For I'm going do-mi-do-ing on a do-mi-do binge!

I want my my lavender spats, and in addition to them,
I want my honey colored gusset with the herringbone hem;
I want my softest little jacket made of watermelon suede,
And my long persimmon placket with the platinum braid;

I want my leg-of-mutton sleeves, and in addition to those,
I want my cutie chamois booties with the leopard-skin bows;
I want by pink-brocaded bodice with the fluffy fuzzy ruffs,
And my gorgeous bright blue bloomers with the monkey feather cuffs;

I want my organdy snood, and in addition to that,
I want my chiffon Mother Hubbard lined with Hudson Bay rat!
Dress me up from top to bottom, dress me up from tip to toe;
Dress me up in silk and spinach for today is do-mi-do;

Do-mi-do day! Do-mi-do day!

So come and dress me in the blossoms of a million pink trees;
Come on and dress me up in liverwurst! and camembert cheese!
Come on and dress me up in pretzels, dress me up in Bock beer suds;
'Cause I'm go-o-o-ing [step/kick/step/kick] do-mi-do-o-o-ing [more]
In my do-o-o-o-o-o-mi-do du-u-u-ds
(From The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, by the beloved Dr. Seuss, 1953.)


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